White Ink Papeterie is primarily a small business that aims at creating fun, quirky and beautiful stationery for desk spaces. When the founder of the company realized the growing stationery market in India and yet a lag in the availability of good quality stationery, this company was born. We aim to bridge the gap between the quality of stationery available in India versus that available globally. We aspire to provide you with a range of beautiful stationery, planners and organizers that will turn your overall work space and work environment into an exciting and encouraging space.

About the founder of WHITE INK PAPETERIE

"Hi! My name is Anushka. I am the founder of White Ink Papeterie. I am a veterinarian by profession and a huge stationery buff. Growing up, I have always made my own stationery from scratch and this company has been my dream for over ten years. Education and career never gave me an opportunity to chase this dream. The 2020 pandemic however gave me the time to chase this dream. And so White Ink Papeterie was born. Over the years when I travelled abroad i would see the beautiful stationery available elsewhere but not in India. And so I wanted to bring that to India. Being a veterinarian and an animal lover myself, I try to incorporate the same in my work in the form of animal illustrations or themes and that's what makes this brand so unique."

- Dr. Anushka Doctor